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  ENCODE pilot phase data contributors

These researchers received NHGRI funds for the large-scale application of existing technologies to determine functional elements across all ENCODE target regions.

  Groups participating in the ENCODE Technology Development Phase

These researchers received NHGRI funds to improve or develop new technologies for finding functional elements in genomic DNA, and will employ them across all ENCODE target regions. Groups that are also participating in the ENCODE Pilot Phase are marked with a star (*).

  • Job Dekker, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester
             Structural annotation of the human genome
  • Xiang-Dong Fu, University of California, San Diego
             A novel chIP-chip technology for ENCODE
  • Roland Green *, Nimblegen Systems, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin
             Discovery of binding sites for transcription factors
  • Robert Kingston, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
             Long-range, high-resolution mapping of chromatin
  • Mark McCormick, Nimblegen Systems, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin
             DNA array-based exon detection and linkage mapping
  • Zhiping Weng *, Boston University
             Alternative promoter usage in tissue-specific gene expression

Second round of technology development grantees (September 2004):

  • Joseph Ecker, Salk Institute
             Genome Wide Analysis of DNA Methylation
  • Vishwanath Iyer, University of Texas, Austin
             STAGE and FAIRE for Regulatory Element Identification
  • Madaiah Puttaraju, Intronn, Inc.
             Use of RNA trans-splicing to identify splice sites
  • Yijun Ruan, Genome Institute of Singapore
             Ditag technologies for complete transcriptome annotation
  • Scott Tenenbaum, SUNY Albany
             Identifying functional regulatory elements in RNA
  • Tom Tullius, Boston University
             Structure of genomic DNA at single-nucleotide resolution

  Other Groups

These researchers provided infrastructure development to support ENCODE-related research.

Additional ENCODE pilot phase participants: